Working remotely will be the new norm at least for the next few months, but probably longer. Working remotely is not something that comes naturally for some people. So you’ll need to be patient with your staff and listen for any issues that keep them from being productive. Here are a few tips you and your staff can use to ensure you stay productive working from home.

  • Have a routine
  • Dress Like you’re at work (helps you anchor to work mode) (OK, maybe cheating allowed on Fridays!)
  • On your break, talk a walk or jump on the treadmill.
  • Use a Pomodoro timer to keep you focused when you need to.
  • Reach out to others using your video conferencing tools like Teams.
  • Check out the WFH Security Guidelines Checklist 

For additional insight on working remotely check out this useful post about how to work from home.
Another interesting article is this one from Gartner on facilitating a work from home culture. This has been very useful for us here at Ad Astra Technology, as well as our clients. If you need further guidance in this area, please reach out to us.

As a business owner or manager you may be wondering, how do I keep people productive now that they aren’t in the office. The beauty of this problem is that it’s actually no different than what you should be doing while they are IN the office. I found the The Service Manager Bootcamp course. The course will teach how to manage your staff, what metrics you need to manage and how to be an amazing service manager for your remote team.

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