It is now a matter of how you scale out, not where

The modern business runs in the cloud.

It’s the perfect balance of security, flexibility, and affordability. Here’s why.

No more capital expenditures

Why pay for expensive hardware when you don’t have to? As a subscription service, Azure frees you from upfront capital expenses and the time it takes to manage services locally. And that means you can focus on what’s important: running your business.

A tiered approach to the cloud

Moving to the cloud shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing decision. And it certainly shouldn’t be a hassle. With Azure, you can move any or all your business applications on your timeline and when you’re ready. From accounting and HR to commerce and CRM, there’s a place for everything in Azure.

Business continuity, no matter what

We all know that a data disaster is a business disaster. Even a minor outage can put you at a competitive disadvantage. With Azure, ensure your apps work when you need them the most—without the expense of secondary infrastructure. Don’t be the company without a plan.

Security, security, and more security

Safeguard your business with unmatched security management and threat protection for all applications and data, whether they’re on-premises or in the cloud. Plus, Azure has more security and certifications than any other cloud provider.

Paying only for what you use

Sometimes you need more capacity, sometimes you need less. Azure can easily stretch to meet seasonal needs according to business growth and demands.

Benefits of the cloud

New server availability from months to minutes with Azure virtual machines


Reduce time-consuming
IT chores with Azure monitoring and management tools


Ensure business continuity with Azure Site and Disaster Recovery

Mitigate risks with Azure security center and compliance certifications

Engage your customers with a more human touch using Azure Cognitive Services

Stay current with the latest, up-to-date Azure portal

Confidently migrate to Azure

  • Flexible migration options with hybrid support

    Hybrid infrastructure
    Hybrid apps and data
    On-premises server innovation

  • Cost-effective throughout the entire migration experience
    Azure Hybrid Benefit
    Reserved VM Instances
  • High confidence, lower risk migration
    Decades of enterprise experience

    Keep your business secure and compliant

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What people are saying about Azure

“When you experience periods
of sudden growth through acquisitions, like Allscripts has,
you need a flexible cloud partner like Azure.

Tools like Azure Site Recovery
have helped us migrate several hundred business critical workloads —including Linux, MySQL, Windows, SQL Server, in a weekend – more quickly, reliably, and securely than we could
ever before.”

“Moving to Azure has helped us keep pace with our business growth and increasing customer expectations

 We were able to migrate and modernize several critical Linux, Windows and Java applications to Azure while continuing to run on-premises operations, thanks to Azure
hybrid capabilities.”

“Chevron has always seen technology as a differentiator, but the cloud enables us to deliver value to
the business so much faster

 As we migrate thousands of applications to Azure, we are taking the opportunity to modernize.
Re-writing applications and taking advantage of Azure platform services while using an automated code pipeline
is what will give us
the speed to enable digital in
the future.”

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